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Featured this Week: Roula Nahas, #TheSunshineDiary

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 by in Featured This Week


Featured this week is one of my favorite categories which I will Iook forward to the most. It’s all about featuring people who are influential, fashionable, trendy; people who we love on social media.

My first feature starred Instagram’s very own #TheSunshineDiary Roula Nahas. Better known online as Roulixa, she is a marketing expert, PR queen and owner of a charms jewelry line called Pars Charms. But most importantly, she is a mother of two, Chloe and Elias.

I was very excited to shoot Roula on this new experience. The Le Gray Hotel team warmly welcomed us. I got an insider’s look at Roula’s wardrobe, her favorite pieces and most prized possessions.

I also took the opportunity to ask Roula a few questions at the end of the shoot:

How do you describe your style:
Simply classic with a twist

What accessory do you like most:
Scarf, Scarves and a little bit more of them.

What’s you favorite designer or brand?
I do not have one specific, mostly items that I like. No brand or designer to name seriously. If you ask me in scarves I would say Hermes. But not for clothes

Who is Roula?
Roula is a Happy Wife, a Blessed Mom a Passionate working Lady who Loves her country & Nutella.

How would you describe today’s shooting experience?
Simply the best! I normally hate being photographed, since I met you, I look forward to each shoot. I try to find reasons to call you and organize one. My insta account is a proof of what I am stating.
PS: with you I am not afraid to remove my sunglasses and let you take close ups. A premiere for me.

My Experience:
“Go classical, you can never go wrong when you’re classic”  That’s what Roula always says. I admire her style’s simplicity and refinement. The best part was mix and matching the look, I can attest to the fact that, her favorite accessory is the scarf, the Hermes one!

It was a fun shoot. I leave you with my favorite shots!

It’s a wrap!


IMG_9510IMG_9512IMG_9861IMG_9886IMG_9689IMG_9681IMG_0189IMG_9727IMG_9741IMG_9588 copyIMG_9766IMG_9765IMG_9928IMG_9919

Outfits by: House of Paisley, Karoline Lang, Le Lobby

Backstage Shots:

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